Monday, May 17, 2010

Value of a Treatment Plan

Your health is your most valuable asset. If you have a health issue, the best thing you can do is come up with a plan to fix what caused your problem and to prevent it from happening again.
If you decided to drive from Des Moines to Dallas, an infinite number of routes are possible. You could even hit New York City or Los Angeles if you weren’t in a big hurry! Most people would find a map and figure out the route that best suits their needs. The same is true with your health. You can blindly go forward hoping your symptoms go away, or you can come up with a plan, commit to the plan, and eventually regain and maintain your health.
How do you make a plan to improve your health? First, select a health professional to help you. During the selection process, remember that all doctors and therapists work to help people improve their health, each with a little different approach. Then find the cause of your health problem, is it a tight muscle, a stuck joint, a worn out organ? Throughout the process, look at all aspects of your health and educate yourself about all possible treatment options. You may even consider adding another doctor or therapist to your health care team. Remember, if you have migraines, diabetes, and both knees hurt when you climb stairs, your plan will be different than a person who has high cholesterol and carpal tunnel syndrome. Lastly, stick to your plan with your doctor as your coach.
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